Mallard Bay Tutorial 2 – Calendar

In this Tutorial we will explore the options in the Calendar function of Rental Vision.  Follow along and explore the features and functions of Rental Vision. Log into Rental Vision Double-click the Rental Vision icon and ...

Mallard Bay Tutorial 1 – Quick Tour

Using the Mallard Bay tutorial data loaded onto a server, you can use this tutorial as a guide to get better acquainted with the Rental Vision product.  We encourage you to select items and hover over items that are mentioned in the ...

Adding Dropbox

Dropbox is a file sharing application that can allow you to share documents you produce in Rental Vision with your smart phone, tablets, or other device.   In Rental Vision, Dropbox will be viewed as a printer.  So instead of selecting ...

Picking Slip

A Picking Slip is a document used by internal staff to prepare and load the items for a contract.  This typically will be all of the items on a contract for a customer minus the pricing and rate information.  The specific details of ...

Send an Email

Here is how you can send an email to a customer from the calendar.

Shipping Address

Set up unlimited ship-to addresses for your customers. Check out the video to see how.  

Add Customer

This short video shows you how to get a customer into the system.  

Delete Customer

Need to delete a customer? Here’s how it to done.  

Add Attachment

Attachments allow you to add related documents to equipment that is rented. Here’s how.

Dispose Equipment

This video shows you how to dispose of rental equipment that you no longer can rent.

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