Extend a Reservation

This video shows how to extend the rental time for a reservation.

Create Pickup Report

This videos shows how to create a pickup report from the Rental Vision Calendar.

Create Delivery Report

This videos shows how to create a delivery report from the Rental Vision Calendar.

Create a Task

This short video demonstrates how to use Rental Vision task system to create tasks for yourself or to assign to others.

Check Availability

This video will show you how to check multiple item availability quickly and turn that check into a contract.

Credit Cards

[dropcap style=”one” color=”blue” text=”P” /]rocess credit card transactions quickly, easily and directly from Rental Vision. No need to enter transactions on a separate terminal and then re-enter ...


Simple design allows you to capture all of the elements of your rental agreement on one screen. Built-in keyboard shortcuts allows users to gain efficiency as they learn product names and numbers. Built for speed and getting the ...


Calendar View shows all of your activity at a glance whether that be Monthly, Weekly or Daily. Choose between showing counts of each contract type or each individual contract. Able to drag and drop to change contract dates on the ...


Home screen shows you what you need to do today. Whether it be customers coming in to pick up rentals, customers returning items, or deliveries and pickups on your vehicle, it is all on the Home screen. The Home screen also helps ...

Superior User Interface

[dropcap style=”one” color=”blue” text=”A” /] system that is easy to use will mean that your business will be more productive. ┬áRental Vision has many common intuitive features that helps make users ...

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