Send an Email

Here is how you can send an email to a customer from the calendar.

Shipping Address

Set up unlimited ship-to addresses for your customers. Check out the video to see how.  

Add Customer

This short video shows you how to get a customer into the system.  

Delete Customer

Need to delete a customer? Here’s how it to done.  

Add Attachment

Attachments allow you to add related documents to equipment that is rented. Here’s how.

Dispose Equipment

This video shows you how to dispose of rental equipment that you no longer can rent.

Edit a Line

Here’s how you change information on a contract.

Remove a Line

Remove a line from a contract quickly and easily.

Rental to Sale

Sometimes you need to convert a rental to a sale. This video shows you how.

Reservation to Contract

A rental reservation is converted to a contract in this video presentation.

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