Equipment Physical Inventory

inventory_category_128_hotThe Equipment Physical Inventory function is used to display all inventory. It allows you to update the inventory to ensure it displays accurate numbers. This function ensures you can fix any discrepancies in what you actually have in inventory versus what the computer system believes you have.

The Equipment Physical Inventory function can be accessed from:

Equipment Center- Physical Inventory


Last Inventory Date. Select the date in which you most recently took inventory.

Include. Select whether you want to view serial equipment, nonserial equipment or both.

Departments. Select what departments’ inventory you want to view. The default is all departments.

Exclude. Select if you want to exclude anything with an inventory of 0.

Refresh. Select Refresh once you have made all your specifications. A list of all inventory meeting your criteria will be displayed.

Excel. Select if you want to import your inventory listings into an excel spreadsheet. There are two ways to update your inventory data. You can  type directly into the RentalVision grid by entering accurate inventory numbers under the  “Count” column. Or.  If you prefer working in Excel, you can import the data onto a spreadsheet, edit it through excel and transfer the information back into the RentalVision system.


There are further Selections in the Navigation bar.

Remove Item from Grid after Updated. Check this box if you want to remove the item from the grid after updating. This is recommended, as not removing the line from the grid after the item has been updated could lead to duplicate updates.

Current Physical Inventory Date. This will default to the current date to mark the day of the inventory update. If you need to change this date for any reason, you can select another day from the drop-down.


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