Store Requirements

store-house_gear_128_hotThe Store Requirements function contains specific information about your rental store. It allows you to edit your store information and settings.

The Store Requirements function can be accessed from:

Store Center- Store Settings


General Information

Store ID. The store number must correspond to the number of the data volume that contains your store’s information. This store number is the one that is used to code the Equipment Store Number when you use the Equipment Maintenance screen.

Name. Enter the store name. This name is printed on top of the Bill-To/Ship-To contract form.

Address 1. Enter the store address.

Address 2. Enter an additional store address (if applicable).

City, State. Enter the city and state of your store address.

Zip. Enter the zip code of your store address.

Phone Number. Enter the phone number of your store. This information is optional.


Fees & Charges

Standard %. First option for percentage rate.

%2. Second option for  percentage rate.

%3. Third option for percentage rate.

Day (1)  Enter the number of days on which a customer is given a percentage discount on the “Fixed Damage Waiver” rate. This would only apply to rentals out more than one day. For example, if the discounted damage waiver rate is effective on the 7th rental day, enter ‘7’.

The “Fixed Damage Waiver” is the dollar amount charged per day for an item. For example, you may charge an $8.00 per day damage waiver for trucks.

The number of days entered here DOES NOT apply to the damage waiver charged as a percentage of the rental.

% (1). Enter the percentage of the “Fixed Damage Waiver” rate to apply to the rental. For example, you may want to give a reduction after “7” days and charge only “80%” of the original damage waiver calculated by the system based on number of days out times the fixed damage waiver. The percentage entered here DOES NOT apply to the damage waiver charged as a percentage of the rental.

Day (2). This allows you to specify an additional damage waiver discount after an even longer period of time. For example, “30 days” might be suitable.

% (2). Enter the percentage of the fixed damage waiver rate to apply to the rental. For example, if you are giving a reduction after “30” days, then you might charge “60%” of the original damage waiver amount.



Title. Enter the title that will print on all the rental reports. This title should identify the store.

Code. You should enter a two character code derived from your store name. This abbreviation is used in reports where there is insufficient space to display the Report Title. This code is useful in identifying the store when you have multiple stores all sending in the same report. This code is appended to the contract numbers when posted to the accounts receivable.

Message. You are allowed to enter a three line message that prints in the top right hand corner of each counter contract, above the contract’s number. This message could pertain to sales information, store hours, billing, rental terms and conditions or any message you want. You may change the message periodically, according to your own wishes.



These times are used by the rate calculation routine for your store. Note that your rate calculation routine may not require you to use all of these fields. Consult your Rental Center Representative for details.

There can be two days when you are closed, which are identified by having no start time (0.00) and no closing time (0.00). The system will make sure that the reservations or contracts have the correct dates and will not permit the counter person to enter a return date that is on a date you are closed.

Regular Hours. Under Open, enter the regular opening times of your store for each day of the week . Under Closed, enter the regular closing time of your store for each day of the week. The hours are formatted in “military time”. For example:

10 a.m. is entered as 10.00

8:30 a.m. is entered as 08.30

1:00 p.m. is entered as 13.00

1:30 p.m. is entered as 13.30

Overnight Hours. Under Start, enter the time when your overnight rate begins. Under End, enter the time the next morning when equipment must be returned to qualify for the overnight rate. The Start and End times for overnight must be the same for each day. If your store has different overnight start/end times for different days of the week, be sure that the person who takes your rate calculation specification includes the variation in your rate calculation program.

Weekend Hours. Enter the hours you are open over the weekends.

Holiday Hours. Enter the dates of the next 10 days when your store will be closed for the holidays. If the store is normally closed on Sunday, you would not normally put a Sunday date in the holiday table.

You must enter something for each of the 10 holidays in this table. If your store is only closed one day out of the year, then enter that date for all 10 entries in the table.

Under Start, enter the time, the day before a holiday when the holiday rate goes into effect. Under End, enter the time on the morning after a holiday when equipment must be returned to qualify for the holiday rate.


File Actions 

New. Select New to edit  information for a different store.

Edit. Select Edit to modify the information for the current store.

Delete. Select Delete to delete the information for the current store.

Save. Select Save to update the newly entered information for the current store.

Cancel. Select Cancel to exit out of the current store information.


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