Rental/Service Passwords

padlock_128_hotThe Rental Passwords and Service Passwords functions are used to edit the passwords within your rental system.

The passwords entered here are a supplement to the standard password protection. Management can use these passwords to establish the level of control that occurs during the contract and other rental system processing.

Each password provides protection at specific points in the system. Each password or series of passwords should be applied to a level in the protection system. For example, EQUIPT which controls the adding and changing of equipment, inventory and/or parts should be given only to the people who are authorized to make changes to the equipment, inventory, and/or parts. This could be a high level of control.

The system can operate without any of the passwords established. This would provide no management control at all and should be used when everyone can do anything.

You can add each control as you see necessary. If the password doesn’t exist the system doesn’t make any request of the operator.

The Rental Passwords function can be accessed from:

Store Center- Security Settings


To activate a password that is not being used, select a PassKey from the left handed grid. Then select the Add button. To edit a password that is currently being used, select a PassKey from the right handed grid. Then select the Add button.

Enter desired password. To change a password previously entered, backspace and re-enter the new password. The passwords do not display or print anywhere so you must remember what you entered. Enter 1-3 characters.

To delete a used or unused password, select a password from either grid then hit the Remove button. A pop-up box will ask you to confirm; then it permanently removes the password.

Note* When you select a password from either grid, a brief description of that password appears under the grid.


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