Inventory Product Category Collection

barcode_128_hotThe Inventory Product Category Collection function is used when you have a grouping of  product categories representing a broader category. In this function, you can edit/add to existing collections or create new collections.

The Inventory Product Category Collection function can be accessed from:

Store Center- Setup


Table Name. The Table Name grid provides a list of Inventory Product Category Collections. Select one to view what product categories are grouped in that collection.

Create New. Select the ‘Create New’ button to create a new Inventory Product Category Collection.

Product Category. The Product Category grid provides a list of all the product categories grouped within an Inventory Product Category Collection.

Add Product Category. Select the ‘Add Product Category’ button to add an additional product category to the Collection.


Select Save to save the modifications you made to the Inventory Product Category Collection form.

Select Cancel to exit the Inventory Product Category Collection form.


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