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contract_128_hotThe Contract Center is the main hub for activities related to contracts.


Recently Visited Contracts

This panel will display any recent contracts and how long since the last access.

Select By

Get various reports displayed in the center from the list below.  Select a report from the drop down list. The system is configured to give this report in a series of batches.  By default, this is 5000 records at a time.  The report will only show 5000 records at a time and you can use the Back and Next buttons to move back and forth.  Use the All button to ignore the batch limits and display all records.  At any time you can press Refresh to force the report to run again.  You can also use the Publish drop down to print the report or create and Excel spreadsheet.

Below is a list of reports available:

Current Activity.  Can be a list of Quotes, Reservations, or Open Contracts.

Open Contracts.  Shows all open contracts

Reservations.  Shows all current reservations.

Quotes.  Show all Quotes

Backorders.  Shows all Backorders

Contracts Posted This Fiscal Year.  Displays any contracts that have been posted this year.


Right-Clicking Capabilities

While viewing the grid for any of the reports listed above, you can right-click on a contract to view a series of shortcut options. These capabilities enable you to do things efficiently and avoid navigating through multiple channels.

View. Allows you to open and view the contract.

Quick Edit. Allows you to quickly modify parts of the contract, without viewing it in its entirety.

Preview. Allows you to see a preview of the official contract.

Print. Allows you to print the contract.

Email. Allows you to email the contract. The email function will pull up the email address of the customer on the contract.

Fax. Allows you to fax the contract.

Picking Slip. Allows you to view a picking slip for the contract. See Picking Slips.

Rental Return. Allows you to return the rental items.

Create New From **contract number**. Allows you to copy sections of the original contract onto a new reservation, contract or quote.



Below are links to other options in the Contract Center


Continuous Billing


Reservations Outgoing

Unbill Continuous Billing

Contract List

Contract Financial Summary

Batch Print

Contract Reports

Lost Revenue

Paid In

Paid Out

Wait List Entry

Wait List Alerts


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