Discount Matrix

The Discount Matrix function provides a wide range of discounts available to different customer groups or individual customers. There is a separate matrix for equipment, inventory and parts. This means that the customer can have a different discount percent for rental equipment than they have for retail merchandise, etc.

The Matrix works by matching the Price Code for the inventory, parts or equipment with the Rental, Inventory or Parts Price Code in the Customer record. This combination is used as the key, or pointer, to a record that contains the information about the type of discount this customer should receive. This technique permits 9,999 different discounts a piece for equipment, inventory and parts.

When entering into a new contract with these customers, the discount will automatically be applied. You can remove the discount later, while within the contract, but the discount is the default.

The Discount Matrix function can be accessed from:

Equipment Center- Equipment

Inventory Center- Inventory

Parts Center- Parts


Price Code. Enter the equipment, inventory or parts price code. This code is the Price Code that is on the Equipment, Inventory or Parts screen.

Customer Code. Enter the customer equipment, inventory or parts price code (0-99). This code is either the INV DISC CODE, RENTAL DISC CODE, or PARTS DISC CODE on the Add/Change customer screen.

You may also pre-define a customer code for use when the customer is accessed on the Contract Processing screen. The discount codes for the customer can be changed in the header record while writing a contract.

Apply Discount?. Check if you want to apply the discount.

Percentage. Enter the discount percentage to apply to the unit price or the rental rate.

Description. Enter a description so that you know the type of customer and equipment to which this applies. The description prints in a report, which makes it easier to remember why the discount is there.

Add. Select the Add ‘Discount Matrix Code’ button to create a new discount matrix code.


Select Refresh to refresh the Discount Matrix page.

Select Save to save any changes made to the Discount Matrix.


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