Overrides Report

statistics_128_hotThe Overrides function is used to monitor when a contract has been modified in any way.

The Overrides function can be accessed from:

Actions- Reports- Contracts


There are several fields to help you narrow down your overrides list. However, it is only essential to make a specification under one field.

Override Types. There are several types of overrides. The system has them broken down into high priority overrides and low priority overrides. The high priority overrides typically have more cause to monitor.

Select the different high and/or low priority override types to display.

Date Range. Select a date range during which you want to view overrides. Select a custom range or specify a specific date range by entering the earliest date in the from box and the latest date in the to box.

Operators. You may also view the overrides made only by certain operators. Select an employee operator from whom you would like to view overrides. The default is all operators.

Contract Range. Enter a range of contracts to search for by entering the lowest contract number in the from box and the latest contract number in the to box.

Group By. You can also select various criteria by which you want to group the list of overrides. You can select up to three levels of groupings.

Select Refresh when you have finished making all your specifications.

Publish. The overrides list has various publishing options if you wish to preview or print the list or if you want to open it in an excel spreadsheet.


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