Equipment Sold

inventory_category_128_hotThe Equipment Sold function is used to provide a report of all rental items you’ve sold.

The Equipment Sold function can be accessed from:

Actions- Reports- Equipment



Refresh. Select Refresh when you have finished making all of your specifications.

Report Description. This field reviews the specifications/settings used to create the report so that you know exactly what you are looking at.

Print. Select if you want to print the equipment sold list.


Report Style

Summary. Select if you only want a summary list of the equipment sold.

Detail. Select if you want a detailed list of equipment sold.



Date In. Select a custom range or specify a specific date range by entering the earliest date in the from box and the latest date in the to box.



Equipment New/Used. Check whether you want to view a listing of new equipment or used equipment.


Group By

Common Name. Select if you want to group by common name.

Equipment Number. Select if you want to group by equipment number.

Customer. Select if you want to group by customer.


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