Location Report

inventory_category_128_hotThe Location Report function is used to monitor the location of all equipment you own.

The Location Report function can be accessed from:

Actions- Reports- Equipment



Search Type. Select whether you want to search by common name, departments, equipment number or by all three. You will provide further specifications in the search type you choose. Once you choose one search type, the other two will not be open for changes.

Departments. Select which departments to search through. The default is all departments.

Common Names. Select a range of common names to search through, providing the earlier name in the from box and the later name in the to box. Or select “Search Common Names for Query String” and enter a query string.

Equipment #. Select a range of equipment numbers to search through, providing the smallest number in the from box and the largest number in the to box.

Include. Select what you want displayed, equipment that is “on contracts only”, equipment that is “available only”, equipment on “selected contracts and available” or “all” equipment. Also, check if you want to display SubRental items.

Fields. Check the boxes of all fields from which you want equipment locations to display.



Range.  Specify a range of customer numbers by entering the smallest number in the from box and the largest number in the to box.



Include. Check the stores from which you want to view equipment locations.



Range.  Select a custom range or specify a specific date range by entering the earliest date in the from box and the latest date in the to box.


Contract Types

Include. Select what type of contract from which you want to view equipment locations.


Tax Jurisdictions

Include. Select which tax jurisdictions from which you want to view equipment locations. The default is all tax jurisdictions.



Refresh. Select the Refresh button once you have made all your specifications.

Under the tab Equipment a summarized list of equipment and their locations will be displayed. Under the tab Detailed Listing, a much more specific, detailed list of locations will be displayed.


Publish. At the footer of the form, there is an option to publish if you wish to preview or print the report or if you wish to open it in an excel spreadsheet.


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