Store Center

store-house_128_hotThe Store Center is the main hub for activities related to your store.


Charts & Recent Items

Once you hit Refresh, the Home screen will display charts demonstrating store data.

Under the charts a list items that were recently visited in the Store Center will be displayed.



Below is a list of functions that you can perform from the Store Center

Import/Export Data

Report Archiver

Recalculate Historic Amounts

Reservation Cleanup

Run End of Day

Run Rental EOM

Run Rental EOY

Start Next Period

System Maintenance

Store Requirements


Free Form #1 Code

EOD Functions


Rental/Service Passwords

Contract Number Table 

Sub-Rental Number Table 

Termination Number Table 

Cash Customer/Charge Customer Defaults 

Contract Wording

Current Activity Center Settings 

Department Collection 

Inventory Direct Sale Defaults

Inventory Noninventory Defaults

Inventory Product Category Collection

Parts Direct Sale Defaults

Parts Noninventory Defaults

Parts Product Category Collection

Posting Information

Rental Noninventory Defaults

Store Options

Tax Jurisdiction

Warehouse Locations



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