Free Form #1 Code

notepad_config_128_hotThe Free Form #1 Code function is used to set up what you want available in the free form drop-down when creating a new contract.

The Free Form #1 Code function can be accessed by:

Store Center- Store Settings


First, you must ensure that the Free Form #1 entry appears on the new contract form. Here are the steps:

1. Go to Store Options under the Setup tab

2. Under Contract Processing, find the tab labeled Requirements

3. Find the field, “Force Free Form #1 Entry”

4. Select “Use Free Form #1 Code” from the drop down box

5. Hit the Save button


Now, while in the Free Form #1 Code function:

You can change existing codes or descriptions by simply clicking into the box you want to change and typing in something new.

If you want to create a completely new code and description, adding to your list, select Add Code and a new box will appear in which you can type anything you want.

Select Save from the Navigation bar when you are finished editing.

Now, when creating a new contract, under Free Form 1, the drop-down will include what you set in the Free Form #1 Code function.


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