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accounting_128_hotThe Start Next Period function does all of the month end housekeeping for the Rental System. End of the month for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll are done separately.

The system maintains current equipment, inventory, parts, customer and table information and the previous month’s information. This means that at any time during the month, last moth’s information and this month’s information are available. Also, using this technique, it is not necessary to run all month-end reporting before beginning the next month business at the counter.

The Start Next Period function can be accessed from:

Store Center- Actions


The functions performed by the Start Next Period function are:

-Automatically changes the Rental GL Period in the RNGLPE table to the next period. (e.g. If the RNGLPE table has GL PER=.01 the Start Next Period function will change GL PER=.02).

-Updates the optional 25-month history files for equipment, stores and customers with the rental revenue and counts for this month.

-NOTE. The previous 25 months information is bumped back one month and the oldest month (25th month) is removed.

-Updates LTD Repairs in the Equipment file if the optional 25-month Repairs History file is used.

-Copies this month’s Equipment, Inventory and Parts files and selected Table file records to the Last Month files.

-Updates the life-to-date field in the Equipment file with this month’s rental revenue.

-Clears the month-to-date revenue and contract count in the Equipment file.

-Clears the # days rented month-to-date in the Equipment file.

-Clears the # days in repair month-to-date in the Equipment file.

-Clears the month-to-date revenue and costs in the Inventory and Parts files.

-Compresses the Equipment, Inventory, Parts and Table files. This is a systems function that removes old unused space and re-organizes the files so that more information can be stored.

-Clears the month-to-date fields in the Month-To-Date revenue record in the Table file.


The Calculate Current Month thru and New Rental Period will be filled in automatically when you enter the Start New period function. It is recommended that you leave everything as is and just select Run to run the system.


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