Number Tables

There are 3 different number tables within the system: one for contracts, one for sub-rentals and one for terminations. The Contract # Table manages all contract numbers, the SubRental ticket # Table manages all ticket numbers and the Termination # Table manages all termination numbers.

The Number Tables functions can be accessed from:

Store Center- Number Tables- Contract

Store Center- Number Tables- Sub-Rental

Store Center- Number Tables- Termination


Last # Assigned. Displays the last contract, ticket or termination number that was used. The number that comes next will automatically be assigned to the next new contract, ticket or termination.

In Use. Displays any/all contract, ticket or termination numbers that are currently in use by someone within the company. While someone is inside a contract, others can view the contract but will be unable to edit it. The same goes for tickets and terminations.

Leftover. Displays numbers that were assigned but not used. For example, if you created a new contract and later decided to cancel it, before it was saved, the contract number that had been assigned to that contract would be considered “leftover”. This leftover number would be assigned to the next new contract, since it is no longer attached to the contract it was originally assigned to.

Any of these fields can be edited. The ‘Last # Assigned’ and ‘In Use’ fields can be edited by clicking into the box and typing new numbers. The ‘Leftover’ field can be edited by selecting Add Leftover and typing in a new number,


Refresh. Select Refresh to view the latest update.

Apply. If you have made any modifications, select Apply when you’re finished.

Clear Entry. Select Clear Entry to clear a contract from the In Use field.

Exit. Select Exit to leave the Number Tables function without saving changes.


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