Lost Dollars

credit_128_hotThe Lost Dollars function provides a report on all lost dollars. This function is closely related to the Lost Revenue function. In fact, it is essentially a report on all information that has been put into the Lost Revenue function.

The Lost Dollars function can be accessed from:

Actions- Reports- Contracts


Dates. Select a date range to search through. You can choose a generic range from the Range drop-down or set a customized range entering the earliest date in the From box and the latest date in the To box.

Include. Check the boxes you want to include in your search. For example, if you want to search through Rentals, check the Rentals box. You can select all three if you wish to do so.

Refresh. Select Refresh when you have finished making your specifications.

You can Preview or Print the report or save it as an Excel spreadsheet by selecting from the icon at the footer of the page.


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