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inventory_category_128_hotThe Create Range function is used to create alternate rates, relative to the default price. It allows you to set alternate rates in bulk, so that you don’t have to set rates for each individual item.

The Create Range function can be accessed from:

Equipment Center- Alternate Rates


Alternate Code. Select an alternate rate code from the drop-down box. There are 99 alternate rate codes to choose from.

Type. Select from the drop-down boxes, the Rate Calculation Type and the Meter Type.

Departments. Select which departments from which you want to view equipment.

Price Change. Specify the change in price by entering the percentage change in price, rounding specifications, and dollar amount. If you check “Use Same Percentage for all Values”, you only have to enter one percentage into the first box and the system will use that number for the remainder of the percentage boxes. Similarly, if you select “Use Same Rounding All Values”, you will only have to select a rounding value for the first box.

Refresh. Select the Refresh button when you have made all your specifications.

Publish. Under Publish you can select Preview to view a print preview or Print to print the list.

Update. Select “Files” to update and save the alternate rates.


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