How to make changes to a contract

If you’ve made a mistake on a contract, fear not; you can always go back into a contract and resolve any conflicts. There are multiple ways to make changes to a contract depending on whether the contract is still open or whether it is closed or returned.


To Change an Open Contract:

If the contract is still open, all you need to do is go into the contract and make changes. See Contract Maintenance for more information.


To Change a Closed or Returned Contract:

If the contract is closed or returned, you need to create an adjustment contract. To do this, you must know the contract number of the original contract. The steps to adjusting this contract are listed below:

1. Select the New Contract button from the Navigation Bar

2. Chose Adjustment from the New Contract form

3. Type the contract number of the original contract then Select OK

4.  A ‘Quick Adjustment’ form will appear listing several shortcut adjustment options. Check what you want to adjust.  NOTE. Only those options that apply to the contract you selected are enabled.

5. An adjustment contract will be created and you can make your changes within the form.

6. Review the adjustment and select Save to save the adjustment contract and make the changes permanent.

NOTE. You cannot adjust an adjustment contract. You always have to adjust the original contract. However, you can adjust the original contract multiple times.

Right-Clicking Capabilities

While viewing the items tab on an adjustment contract, you can right-click on an item to view a series of shortcut options. These capabilities enable you to do things efficiently and avoid navigating through multiple channels.

View. Allows you to view the adjustment information.

Open **contract number**. Allows you to open the original contract.


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