Free Field Description

The Customer Service Order Equipment file has 6 free form fields which can be used for whatever information you would like to keep. This information must be updated manually by the user. However, the labels for each field may be set up to remind you of what each field is. Fields 1, 2,4 & 5 hold a maximum of 20 alphanumeric characters and 3&6 can hold a maximum of 10. The labels may be 25 characters unlike the legacy version which may only hold 6. If these are not defined by you, they will appear as Free Field #X where X is the field number.

The CSO Equipment Free Field Descriptions function can be accessed from:

Service Center- Other


Simply click into a free field box and enter a description of your choosing.

Now, when editing customer service order equipment, the free field information will be defined by the descriptions you entered.


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