Customer Service Order Equipment

The Customer Service Order Equipment function is used to track the servicing of customer-owned equipment. In other words, if the equipment being serviced is not company-owned equipment, it doesn’t exist within the system and therefore needs to be entered using the Customer Equipment function.

The Customer Service Order Equipment function can be accessed from:

Service Center- Other


Customer Information

Customer #. Enter a partial or full customer number and use the search field to locate the customer. See Search Settings for more information.

You can also create a new customer by selecting the add customer icon.


Customer’s Equipment

Equipment ID. Select the equipment id from the drop-down.

Description. Enter a description of the equipment.

Serial #. Enter a serial number for the equipment.

Current Meter. Enter a meter for the equipment.

Manufacturer. Enter the equipment manufacturer.

Model #. Enter the equipment model number.


Free Field Information

Enter the information that corresponds to each free field. These fields may be defined under Free Field Description.

For more information on editing free fields, see Free Field Description.


Service Information

Enter the information that corresponds to each field.


New. Select to add new equipment.

Delete. Select to delete the service order.

Cancel. Select to exit the service order form.

Save. Select to save the service order.


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