Scheduled Service

The Scheduled Service function is used to search for repairs that are open for servicing. From there you can create a field service order.

NOTE. To create a work order see Scheduled Maintenance.

The Scheduled Service function can be accessed from:

Service Center- Service


Repair Type. Select repair types to search for from the drop-down. Select “All” to check all the repair types and “None” to check none of the repair types. You can select one or many repair types of your choosing by checking the corresponding boxes.

Departments. Select which departments to search for. Select “All” to check all the departments and “None” to check none of the departments. You can select one or many departments of your choosing bu checking the corresponding boxes.

Date Thru. Select a date up to which you want to view repairs that can be serviced. In other words, if you select a date one week from today, all the repairs that can be serviced any time within that week will be displayed.NOTE. This only applies to repairs that are date specific.

Refresh. Select Refresh when you have finished making your specifications. A list of scheduled repairs meeting your criteria will be displayed.

Press Select to include all repairs. This should be used if you want to create a field service order for every repair listed. Press None to deselect all repairs. This should be used if you want to select specific repairs for which to create field service orders.

Create. Select to create the field service order(s) for the selected repairs.

Publish. Select Preview to view a print preview of the field service order and Print to print the filed service order.


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