How to set up a field service order

There are several steps that must to be taken when setting up a field service order. You can always manually enter the order in Service Maintenance, but if you want the order to be part of your scheduled service, you will need to go through four main processes. The steps are listed below:


Repair Specifications

1. Go to Repair Specifications under the “other” tab in the Service Center.

2. Select New and search for an equipment item, then enter a repair type or choose an existing repair type to service the equipment.

We are going to use a Portajon as an example. So, for this step I would enter ‘Portajon’ into the Search field and select the portajon I wanted. Then, I would enter my repair type. In this case it would be ‘Clean’. When I finished, I’d hit OK.

3. Enter repair specifications

First, I’d enter a description of my repair type, such as ‘Restore Unit’. Then, I’d begin entering my repair specifications. The example steps for each of the five tabs are described below:

Selection Criteria. First, I would set the Default Order Type to Field Service Order. Then, I’d set some sort of time criteria. For example, I might set “Number of Days Since Last Service” to 14, letting the system know I want the Portajon cleaned every 14 days. I would also set the service priority to “critical” (the priority is up to your discretion). NOTE. If you check the “On Request” box, the order will not be a part of scheduled service .

Expense Definitions. As an example, I might set my parts expense type to “actual cost” and my labor expense type to “cost”. Your expense definitions are completely up to you, based on your specific service order.

Parts.  Enter the specifications for each parts item needed for the service. For example, I’d select Add Part, then enter:

Quantity : 1

Item # : Sanitizer

Description : Hand Sanitizer Replace

I would do the same for the other parts that go into cleaning a portajon, such as toilet paper and the blue liquid deodorizer.

Labor. I would select Add Labor then add my hours, 1 for example, and choose the labor type from the drop-down.

Tasks. I would select the Add Tasks button to create my three tasks, with the descriptions: “Replace Sanitizer”, “Replace Toilet Paper” and “Pump and Replace Deodorizer”.

When I was finished making all my specifications, I would select Save.


Equipment Maintenance

1. Go to Equipment Maintenance under the “equipment” tab in the Equipment Center.

2. Search for the equipment item, using the Search field.

3. Go to the Repairs tab 

4. Check the box labeled “Service on Rental

5. Select the Save button.



1. Select the New Contract icon and create a Contract.

2. Go to the Items tab 

3. Select Rental from the drop-down

4. Search for your rental item, then fill out the remainder of the Rental Items form. See Item Editor-Rental for more information.

5. In the Service portion, select the repair type from the drop-down.


Scheduled Service

1. Go to Scheduled Service under the “Service” tab in the Service Center.

2. See Scheduled Service for more information on how to complete this step.


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