How to set up zones for delivery

Before setting up zones, you must first make sure your system is set to do so. The steps are listed below:

1. Go to the Store Center

2. Go to the Store Options function, located under Setup

3. Select the user “Store”

4. Go to the Delivery/Pickup tab

5. Check the box labeled “Charge By Zone”

6. Select Save


Once this is complete, you can add/edit zones. This is done in the Zones function, located under Setup. The directions for each field are listed below:

Name. Choose one of the default zones from the drop-down box OR create you own zone by typing a zone name into the box.

Description. Enter a description of the zone.

Calculate By. Select either “By Unit” or “Flat Rate” depending on how you want the zones to be calculated.

Amount. Enter an amount to be charged in that zone.

Calculate For. Select either “Delivery Only”, “Pickup Only” or “Both” depending on what you want to calculate a charge for.

Select Delete to delete the zone, Cancel to exit the form and Save to save your changes.


Now, when entering a new contract you can set up your zones. This is done under the Delivery tab. You can select the delivery zone from the box labeled “Zones”. From here you can also edit the units and charge of your delivery.

NOTE. If the selected zone’s charge is calculated by flat rate, the number of units does not effect the charge.


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