Salespeople Maintenance

seller_128_hotThe Salespeople Maintenance function is used to add/edit salespeople.

The Salespeople Maintenance function can be accessed from:

Sales Commission Center- Maintenance


Salesperson #. Enter the salesperson #.

Name. Enter the salesperson name.

Address 1. Enter the address of the salesperson.

Address 2. Enter a secondary address of the salesperson (if applicable).

City. Enter the city of the salesperson address.

State. Enter the state of the salesperson address.

Zip. Enter the zip code of the salesperson address.

Work. Enter the salesperson work phone number.

Home. Enter the salesperson home phone number.

Mobile #1. Enter the salesperson mobile phone number.

Mobile #2. Enter the salesperson secondary mobile phone number (if applicable).

Job Title. Enter the salesperson’s job title.

Commission Plan. Select a commission plan from the drop-down box.

Notes. Free field. Enter any notes on the salesperson.

New. Select to create a new salesperson.

Delete. Select to delete the salesperson.

Cancel. Select to exit the salesperson form.

Save. Select to save the salesperson.

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