Contract Final Payment

credit_128_hotWhen you return and close a contract, you will be presented with a final payment screen.  In the final payment screen, you will need to provide information about how the contract will be settled.


Date:  Enter the date to be used for the payment.

Payment Type:  From the drop down list, select a payment type

Amount:  The system will display the amount owed.  Enter the amount of the payment for this payment type.  If the customer is going to pay with multiple payment types, then enter the amount of the first payment.  This will be recorded as a deposit.  The amount of the first payment will be reduced from the total and you will be asked for the payment information for the remaining amount.  You can do this an unlimited number of times until the total is zero.  The last payment entered will become the final payment.

Check Number:  If the payment type is Check, then you will be asked to provide the check number.

If you have integrated credit cards, then you will be taken to the credit card screen to process the credit card.  You may also select the check box to not submit the credit card information to the processor.  You would select this option if you have already submitted the credit card information offline and only want to record the transaction in the system.

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