Picking Slip

contract_128_hotA Picking Slip is a document used by internal staff to prepare and load the items for a contract.  This typically will be all of the items on a contract for a customer minus the pricing and rate information.  The specific details of what is printed on the Picking Slip can vary depending upon what has been set up for you.  There are multiple ways to print a Picking Slip depending on whether you want a single picking slip or multiple picking slips.

Printing a Single Picking Slip

Load any existing contract.

On the Explorer Bar, select Publish.

On the Publish Contract dialog box, select ‘Picking Slip’ for the Form selection.

Select the printer or other publishing option.

Printing Multiple Picking Slips

Go to the Contract Center.

On the Explorer Bar, select Batch Print.

Make selections for Date Range and Customer Range.

On the Contract and Form Types drop down, select the type of contract and document type.  Select Picking Slip as the document type to print a picking slip.

On the Settled By drop down, select All options.

Press Refresh.  This will display all of the contracts that meets the criteria selected above.  On this grid, you can select or deselect an item and make other options regarding the output.

Select Publish to publish the Picking Slips.


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