Mallard Bay Tutorial 1 – Quick Tour


Using the Mallard Bay tutorial data loaded onto a server, you can use this tutorial as a guide to get better acquainted with the Rental Vision product.  We encourage you to select items and hover over items that are mentioned in the tutorial and you read along.

Log into Rental Vision

Double-click the Rental Vision icon and enter user for the user name and password for the password

After you log-in you will be at the Home screen

Starting at the top left portion of the screen, you will see a number of icons.  Find the Rental Vision icon to start the tour of the Home screen.  RentalVisionIcon

The Explorer Bar located on the left side of the screen and it provides a number of services such as:

Rental Vision MenuRentalVisionIcon – This menu provides access to system settings and to set up printers on the system

Quick Access Tool Bar – This bar contains a quick access to Home, Check Available ok_128_hot, Equipment List inventory_category_128_hot, and New Contractcontract_add

Find binoculares_128_hot – Just below the Quick Access Tool Bar is the Find.  This search tool will search across multiple files and fields to find whatever is typed into the search box.  To demonstrate this function, enter ‘abc’ into the search window and press the Find Button.  Each of the items returned can be double-clicked to get more information.

Navigation Area – The majority of the Explorer Bar is made up of the Navigation Area.  This provides navigation to other functions of the system and is organized in groups that can be collapsed and expanded.  You can also create a custom Favorites menu by right-clicking anywhere in the Navigation Area.  Try this by right-clicking on the Navigation Panel and select Manage Favorites.  Go to the Customer tab and select Customer Maintenance.  Select the Save button.  Now right click on the Navigation Area and you will see that you have added Customer Maintenance to your Favorites Menu.

The area to the right of the screen is Tabbed Work Area.  This is where screens and forms will be loaded to provide the functionality.

Home Screen

Starting at the top left, the first item on this screen is the weather panel.

Below the the weather panel, is the company logo panel.

Below the company logo panel is the date panel.  This panel highlights today’s date and other calendar dates.  You can select a date on this panel and it will change the panel Items Scheduled For. Using the date panel, select the date 28 March, 2015.  Notice that the Items Scheduled For panel will populate with items.

The Items Scheduled For panel based on the date selected.  This means any existing contracts that are coming in, reservations that are going out and any deliveries and pickups scheduled for this date.  If you select a different date from the calendar panel, it will change the items due for the date selected.  This allows you to see what is happening for any day.

Another panel that can be selected is the Items overdue panel.  This panel will show any contracts that were due in for a prior date than today.  Some of these items may have Truck icon associated with it.  This would mean that the pickup was scheduled by us on our vehicle and is not a customer to return contract.

Another panel is the Unused Reservations.  This panel will show any reservations that have been scheduled but have not be turned into contracts as of today.

Another panel is the Task panel.  The Tasks panel provides a general purpose task system where you can create tasks for yourself or assign them to others.

Any of the items that are on the grid that have a Magnifying Glasspreview_128_hot icon means that this is a Popup.  To activate the popup, just move the cursor over this icon to show a Preview of the item.  When you move away from the Magnifying Glass, the popup will go away.  If there are more items on the grid inside the popup that can be viewed, you can use the mouse wheel to see grid items that are out of view.  You can also click the Magnifying Glass to turn it into a push pin and the popup will now stay on the screen until you click the push pin to free it.  With the popup in the push pin position, you can select functions from the popup like email or print.

The Tabbed Work Area works like modern internet browsers where a new form is allocated for each function.  This allows me to quickly switch between forms quickly and keep my place on each form.  When you first logged in, the system allocated a Contract Maintenance form.  Go ahead and select the Contract Maintenance form to see how the Tabbed Work Area works.  Notice that when you select the tab that the Navigation Area of the Explorer bar changes to provide you with the options for that form.

If you double-click any of the items in the grid, you will be taken to an editor for that item.  If the item is a contract, then Rental Vision will load the Contract Maintenance form with this contract already loaded.  Depending upon what is in the grid will determine which editor that will loaded.

The Navigation Bar allows you to navigate to other parts of the system.  Each time you select an item, you will get a new tab or if the item is already open, you will be taken to the already open tab.  Go ahead and select some of the items in the Actions group and Centers group to get used to opening forms.

This concludes Tutorial 1.  The next Tutorial in the series is Tutorial 2 – Calendar


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