Mallard Bay Tutorial 2 – Calendar


In this Tutorial we will explore the options in the Calendar function of Rental Vision.  Follow along and explore the features and functions of Rental Vision.

Log into Rental Vision

Double-click the Rental Vision icon and enter user for the user name and password for the password

From the Home Screen, select Calendar from the Actions group on the Navigation Bar


The calendar allows you to see your upcoming events using a calendar view.  The Navigation Bar of the left side has a number of options that you can select to populate the calendar with the items that you want.  Your selections will be saved when you log out.  When you log in again and these are based upon your log in/password so each user can have their own preferences.

The calendar has 3 groups in the Navigation Area:

Calendar Type – You can have different calendars based upon the what type of equipment is being rented.  For example, you may create a different calendar because the item rented will require some special conditions and you want to be able to separate these items from the general calendar.

Spans – This will show a bubble for each contract that will span from the date out to the date due in.  These options can be compressed when there are a lot of contracts and the Month view is selected.  The counts view is best for large number of contracts.

Counts – Each bubble on the calendar represents the number of items found on each date of the calendar.

Any of the items that are on the calendar has an associated Popup.  To activate the popup, just move the cursor over the bubble.  When you move away from the bubble, the popup will go away.  If there are more items on the grid inside the popup that can be viewed, you can use the mouse wheel to see grid items that are out of view.  If this is a Count item, you can click the bubble to turn it into a push pin and the popup will now stay on the screen until you click the push pin to free it.  With the popup in the push pin position, you can select functions from the popup like email or print.  One of the common reports that might be run is a delivery or pickup report.  Go ahead and add a delivery or pickup count on the calendar and then hover over the bubble and pin it.  Select all of the items in the grid and then preview the report using the menu items at the bottom of the popup.

Calendar Spans cannot be pinned.

There are tabs at the top of the Calendar area that will change the view from Month, Week, or Day.  When you select the Day view, you will get a grid that will show you the items that you selected in chronological order similar to the Home screen Items Due panel.   The Back and Next button work in conjunction with the calendar tabs Month, Week, and Day.  If you are showing the Month view and you select Next, you will get the Next Month.  If you are in Week view and you select Next, you will get the next week and so on of Day view.

When you are working with span bubbles you can drag and drop them on the calendar and this will change the dates on the contract.  The Delivery and Pickup spans will only be for a single day for the day they are scheduled.

Double clicking any day on the calendar will activate the New Contract process.  This allows you to start a contract on the date that you selected from the calendar.

You are encouraged to select and deselect both Spans and Counts.  When you log off, the system will remember your settings.

You can also show your Tasks on the calendar.  The date that is shown on the calendar is the due date of the task.  If the task does not have a due date, it will not show on the calendar.

For more information about other calendar functions, see our gallery of calendar videos here

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