Mallard Bay Tutorial 3 – Enter First Reservation


In this Tutorial we will enter a Reservation into the system.  Follow along and explore the features and functions of Rental Vision.

Log into Rental Vision

Double-click the Rental Vision icon and enter user for the user name and password for the password

From the Home Screen, select the New Contract button contract_add from the Rental Vision Quick Access bar.  Select Reservation as the contract type

Contract Maintenance

The contract maintenance form is made up of 3 sections:

Header Section – In this area you will select the dates for when the rental will go out and come back.  When you selected a new contract or any type the Contract # and all of the dates are filled out for you using defaults specified.  Depending upon the type of contract, you are allowed to change the dates and times.  With a Reservation you can change both the Out date and the Due In dates for the contract.

When selecting a Due In date, you can right-click in the date area and select from a list of common rental periods.  This is a quick way to enter dates and times without having to do the calculations manually.  After you have completed the dates and times, you will go to the Detail Section of the contract.  You can always come back to the Header Section at any time and make changes to dates.

Detail Section – This is the area you will enter the items that are going on the contract, delivery information and pickup information.  This area is made up of a number of tabs, each one responsible for a portion of the contract.

Select the Customer tab and click into the Customer Number field.  The Customer Number is a search field and works like all other search fields in Rental Vision.  In Rental Vision, you will not have to specify what you want to search for.  Just like search engines that you use on the internet, Rental Vision will search multiple criteria at the same time and provide you with a list of matches.  If what you entered into the search returns just 1 result, then you will not see the search results and Rental Vision will just select your item for you.  You can also modify the search engine in the settings of the system to customize your results.  In the Customer Number field, enter ‘abc’.  This pulls up a result list and finds a list of customers that meet the search criteria.  Select customer 101001 ABC STORE by either clicking the item once and pressing the OK button or by double-clicking the item on the grid.

You got an alert message on this customer.  Alerts can be set on Customers, Equipment, Inventory, Parts, or Contracts.  They will popup anytime the item where the alert is attached is accessed.

The contract shows the customer Bill to Address.  If you want to change this, you can either press the Edit Address button that will allow you to edit the address on the contract to a new ship to address for this contract only.  If you want to create a permanent ship to address that can reused, then press the Truck icon and either select and existing address or enter a new address.

On the right side of the Customer tab you can enter additional information for this contract such as Job Location, Purchase Order, Agent, etc.   This information can be customized for your business and is used for additional information on the contract.  It can be printed on the rental contract, or just used for internal purposes. After you have entered a customer, you can move onto the Items tab.

Select the Items tab.  At the top of the items area is the search box.  This is where you will enter items.  Like other search fields in Rental Vision, you can type in the exact item number or just partial information and Rental Vision will provide a results list.  As an example, enter ‘lift’ into the search box and press the tab key.  Rental Vision returned a list of all of the items that contained ‘lift’ in several fields including the Common Name, Description, Serial Number, Equipment Number and more.  You can also select Inventory, Parts, Packages, and Rental Kits to have it search those types as well.  The search box also shows the current status of the item.  This may not be the status of the item for the dates that you have selected.  After you select an item, it will be checked against the dates that you specified and you will be notified only if there is a conflict.

Staying on the search window, change the search to ‘heater’.  Now you are getting a list of items that have ‘heater’ in them.  When searching in Rental Vision it will ignore case so it does not matter if either the item or your search is in upper or lower case.  Select one of the HEATSPACE100 items by double clicking.  You are now into the details of the rental item where you can change the quantity and rates for the item.  Press the OK button at the bottom of this screen to accept the default settings.  The item should appear in the grid and this is your indication that it has been added to the contract.  Also notice that a line item has been added for KEROSENE.  This was added because the HEATSPACE100 item was set up to always include this item on the contract so that you will always capture the fuel consumed on items like this one.

As mentioned earlier, if you know the item number or name of the item it will select it immediately and not return any search results.  Try this now by entering in AIRCOMP17G.  Notice that you went directly to the rental details.  Press Esc or press the Cancel button at the bottom of the rental details panel.  You would get the same results if you entered the item number which in this case is 0105003.  If you want to skip the rental details panel, you can do this by entering the amount you want to add to the contract followed by the item.  If the item is a partial, you will get a search panel.  When you select the item however, you will not go to the rental details but the item will be immediately added to the contract.  If you enter an exact item number, then the item is placed on the contract without the search window.  Let’s try that now by typing in 4 followed by at least 1 space and then chair – so it would look like this 4 chair.  Select the item CHAIRBROWN by either double clicking or single clicking and pressing the OK button.  Notice that the item was place on the contract without the rental details.  Even better and faster is to enter the exact item.  Enter 10 CHAIRWHITE. Notice that you bypassed both the search and the rental details and the item is placed immediately on the contract.

One additional way to search and add items is to use the shopping cart.  The shopping cart is on the search window so the first thing that you have to do is search for your first item.  Enter table into the search box and press tab.  Right click the item TABLE8FTBAN.  You will see an option to Add to Shopping Cart.  Go ahead and add this item to the shopping cart.  In the bottom left corner of the main screen, you will see and Orange highlight that indicates how many items are in your shopping cart.  Lets add some more items to the cart.  Staying on the search window, search for plate and add PLATECLEAR to the shopping cart the search spoon and add SILVERSPOONS to your shopping cart.  To make changes to the shopping cart like changing quantities or removing items, find the Shopping Cart button shopping_cart_32_hot at the top of the search screen.  Change all of the quantities to 4 by clicking into the quantity for each row of the grid and then press Update and Close.  Press OK on the bottom of the search screen.  All of the items are added directly to the contract.  The PLATECLEAR item has some related items associated with it.  These are items that you want to suggest or that go with an item and gives you an opportunity to up sell.  Any of the items on this screen with a quantity of  zero will not be added to the contract.  This is another way to quickly get items on a contract.

Press Save at the bottom of the contract screen.  The system will ask for a deposit.  Enter a Cash deposit of $100.00.  The next screen that will appear is the Print Contract.  From here you can print, preview, email, or fax (additional subscription required) the contract.  You will also notice that this contract has an attachment called terms.  This is the terms and conditions and it will be included if this is previewed, emailed, or faxed.  Select No Print.

Totals Section – This is the area of the form where totals are accumulated.  Depending upon what taxes or damage waiver apply, this section will also provide a real-time update of all of the totals on the contract.

You have just entered your first reservation.  You can see this reservation by navigating to the Contract Center.  To do this, go back to Home and select Contract from the Centers group on the Navigation Area.  In the middle of the Contract Center screen, you will see a Select By.  Select By Reservations.  Your reservation will appear on the list.  You can also see this on the Calendar.  Go back to the Calendar and select the month view.  You may need to press the Refresh button at the bottom of the screen. Make sure that Reservations is one of the selections on the calendar and then find your reservation.

For more information about managing contract, see our gallery of contract related videos here.

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