Mallard Bay Tutorial 4 – Return a Contract


In this Tutorial we will return a Contract,  Follow along and explore the features and functions of Rental Vision.

Log into Rental Vision

Double-click the Rental Vision icon and enter user for the user name and password for the password

From the Home screen, select Contracts from the Centers group in the Navigation Area.

In the Contract Center, select Open Contracts from the Select By option in the middle of the screen.  This will display a list of open contracts.

Select contract number 469772 for MARK WAHLBERG

Return the Contract

In the Contract Actions group in the Navigation Area, select Return.

The system will ask for the date and time of the return and will default to the current date and time.  Either accept the default date and time or make appropriate changes.

You will be presented with the return screen.  There are 4 type of items that need to be processed during a return; Serial Rental Equipment, Nonserial Rental Equipment, Metered Equipment, and Retail Items.  In this case, all 4 type are present.  The screen will present each of these in its own panel with one panel being the primary panel.  To change the primary panel, select the Enlarge icon at the top right corner of the panel.  This will make the panel you selected the primary panel.  Any of the panels that have a red border require information before the return screen can be closed.

In the Retail Items – Need Quantity enter 10 for the amount of DIESEL used.

Select the Enlarge icon on the Metered Equipment panel.  Enter an ending meter of 2000.  A meter in Rental Vision can be set up to allow a number of units per day and only charge an overtime rate.  In this case, no meter charges would be generated.

Since the Serial Rental Equipment panel and Nonserial Rental Equipment panel are not highlighted red, no information is required on these panel.  You can enlarge the panels if you like or you can press the OK button at the bottom of the screen.

The next screen is the Rental Totals screen that allows you to review the charges before committing the transaction.  You can also make sure that appropriate taxes are being applied and you can add Miscellaneous and other charges.  If you cancel from this screen, the return will be stopped.

Select OK on the Return Totals form.  Now you are presented with the payment form.  If you select Cancel, then the return will be stopped.  This can occur if the customer did not have funds to complete the transaction.  Select Charge to AR as the Type of payment.  This type of transaction will create an invoice.

Finally, you are presented with the Print Contract screen.  The transaction is already committed so if you select Cancel on this screen, it will not print anything but the items will be returned.  From this panel you can select the method of producing the contract such as printing or emailing.

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