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contract_128_hotContracts are the heart of the Rental System.  For purposes of this description, contracts include quotes, reservations, contracts and invoices.

To create a new contract, quote, reservation or invoice simply select the ‘New Contract’ icon at the top of the navigation bar.


Contract Types

Quote.  This provides a prospective customer with a proposed list of items for some time in the future.  No inventory is reserved and no deposit is taken for a quote.

Reservation.  This provides a prospective customer with a list of items that are being reserved for some time in the future.  Inventory during the time specified in the Reservation will not be available for other reservation or contracts.  Optionally, a deposit can be applied to the reservation.

Contract.  This is a list of items that the customer has rented and is in possession of.  The clock is on for purposes of items that have a daily, weekly, monthly rate.  Items may have a Delivery and Pickup associated with them or they are going to be picked-up and returned by the customer.  When the customer returns the items, the Contract is considered closed.

Invoice.  This is a closed Contract where all of the rental items have been returned and final payment settlement has occurred.  The payment settlement may be a Charge to AR where you will carry the invoice and bill the customer at a later date.

There are also a number of special contract types:

Adjustment.  This is a contract that will make a price adjustment to another contract.  There will be an audit trail from the original contract to the adjustment contract.  When you make an adjustment contract, all of the transactions will be treated like original transactions for purposes of revenue and other general ledger entries.

Sales.  This is a contract type where the only transactions are for retail inventory.  You can optionally specify a Customer to default this type of contract to, such as CASH CUSTOMER.  Also, you may specify a typical retail receipt instead of a contract form for purposes of the receipt on this type of transaction.

Completed Rental.  This is used in the case where you are creating a contract after the rental has occurred.  When you enter this type of contract, it is automatically closed and will require final settlement at the time of creation.

The Rental Vision screens to edit and manage each of these types is the same with some minor differences.  For purposes of this document, all contract types will be referred to as Contract unless otherwise noting the specific type.


Contract Form

The contract form is divided into the following sections:

Header.  This section contains the contract # and all of the dates associated with the Contract.

Detail.  This section has a series of tabs each of which is responsible for recording a portion of the Contract.

Totals.  This section provides a running total of the Contract as it is being created.  There is a splitter bar between the totals section and the detail section that can be adjusted to reveal more or less of the totals section.  You can also click in the grip area of the splitter bar and it will toggle between fully closed and the last reveal position.

Explorer Bar.  This area provides a list of options that can perform some action on the contract displayed.


Right-Clicking Capabilities

Within the items tab, you can right-click on an item to view a series of shortcut options. These capabilities enable you to do things efficiently and avoid navigating through multiple channels.

Edit. Allows you to edit the item information.

Insert. Allows you to insert a new line type.

Move. Allows you to relocate a line item.

Delete. Allows you to delete a line item.

Open. Allows you to open the maintenance form for the equipment item.

Line Item Discount. Allows you to set a discount to the line item.


At the bottom of the screen, there are a series of buttons:

New.  This will start a new contract.

Delete.  This will delete the Contract that is currently displayed.  Contracts are not removed from the system but are instead marked deleted.

Cancel.  This will cancel all editing on the currently displayed Contract and blank the screen.

Save.  This will save all of the edits of the currently displayed Contract.


More Information

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