Contract Header

contract_128_hotThe contract header is where you will find the Contract # and dates associated with the Contract.  Below is a description of each entry


Contract #.  This text box displays the current contract number.  When you select a new contract, a contract number will be assigned for you.  You can also change the contract number.  The contract number field is a search field that can used to search for a different contract.  See Search Settings  for more details.

Created.  This text box is not editable and displays the date that the contract was first created.

Out.  This is the date that the contract will go out.

Billed.  This is the date that the contract has been billed through.  If this contract is not being continuously billed then this date will be the same as the Out Date.

Due In.  This is the date that the contract is due in.  You can right click on this text box to get a list of common rental durations as a short cut to entering the date.

Returned.  This is date that the contract was returned.  This is not editable and will be updated when the contract is returned.

Continuous Billing.  This is a drop down button that allows you to specify how this contract will be billed if it is sent to Accounts Receivable.  See Continuous Billing Settings for more details.


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