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Rental Vision has a sophisticated search capabilities that will search multiple search fields at the same time.  To change the way fields are searched and how they are searched, you need to access the Search Settings tab in the Rental Vision Settings.

To select what type of item is being searched, select it from the selection panel on the left.  The screen will show the fields that are searched for this item.  For each of the fields, there are three possible search options:

Contains.  Compares to see if what is typed into the text box appears anywhere in the field.

Starts With.  Compares to see if the field starts with what is typed into the text box.

Do not Search.  Skip this field for purposes of search.

For each search, it does not matter whether you typed in upper or lower case.  All searches are case-insensitive.

Below is a list of each search and the fields that are included in searching

[styledbox type=”general” align=”left” width=”800″]

Contract Search

Date Due In

Date Out

Contract Date

Ship to Address 1

Ship to Address 2

Ship to Address 3

Customer Name

Customer #

Contract #

Customer Search

Job Location

Postal/Zip Code

Phone Number

Area Code

Address 1

Address 2

Address 3

Customer Name

Customer #

Equipment Search

Equipment #

Common Name


Serial Number

UPC Code

Inventory/Parts Search

Inventory #/Part #


Product Category






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