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group_add_128_hotThis section describes how to add a new customer.

This form can be accessed from:

Customer form – Clicking on the button New on the footer of a current company form

Customer Center- Customer Maintenance- Clicking on the button New on the footer of the form


The following information can be entered. Only the items marked as required need to be entered.

Customer Number.  If the system has been set to auto-generate customer numbers then this will be filled in for you.  If you are assigning the customer numbers, then enter a number. The system will check to see if this number already exists and prompt you to re-enter the number.

Name.  The customer’s Name.  If the name you enter is already in the system, you will be shown a list of customers entered with the same name.  If you select a name from this list then a new customer will not be added to the system and the name selected will be returned.  You can enter names first name, last name or last name, first name.  In either case, when the name is displayed it will be displayed as first name, last name.

Address 1.  Usually used for the street name

Address 2.  Usually used for suite/apt number

City,State.  Enter the City ‘comma’ and State.  When you start typing in this field, you will get a list of City, State Zip codes that match what you have typed so far.  You can at anytime select an entry from the list.  You can also enter a zip code in this field and you will get a list of previous City, State Zip code entries that you can select.

Zip.  Zip code

Phone #.  Primary phone number

Fax#.  Fax number if exists

Mobile #.  Enter the customer’s mobile number.

Text Messaging.  Select the mobile carrier from the list if you want the ability to send text messages.  If the carrier does not appear on the list, please inform Computer Ease to see if this carrier can be added.

E-Mail.  Enter the email address of the customer.

Preferred Contact Method.  Select from the list the preferred method of contact.

Drivers License #.  Enter the Drivers license number of the customer.

Tax Jurisdiction.  Select from the list the Tax Jurisdiction for this customer.


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