Rental Vision User Interface

RentalVisionIconRental Vision has a very easy to use and intuitive user interface. There are a number of standard features that once learned, can be applied to all other areas of the system.



Forms are where you enter information.  Forms will either appear as a tab in the work area of the screen or will popup and require that you enter the requested information before it is closed.  For the major functions of the system, your form will create a new tab in the work area.  This allows you to manage the number of forms that you want to have open at once.


Navigation Area

The navigation area will change every time you load a new form. You will notice a pin icon at the top of the Navigation panel. To hide the Navigation panel, simply click on the pin. It will then turn into a button that will re-appear when you move your mouse over the panel. You can also re-pin the Navigation Panel if you so choose.

Favorites.  If you right click anywhere in the Navigation panel you will get a Favorites menu.  A favorite is a short-cut to the items on the Favorites menu.  Use the menu option Manage Favorites to add and remove selections for the Favorite menu.



There are several grids throughout the system.  Here are some features to look for on grids.

Preview.  If you see the preview preview_128_hot, then you can move your mouse over the icon and you will get a popup showing additional information.  If you click on the preview icon, it will change to a pin icon and the preview will stay on the form until you click the pin again.  This allows you to enter the preview window for additional functionality provided in the popup.

Drill Down.  You can select an item on the grid either by double-clicking on the row or by highlighting the row with a single click and then pressing the button OK or Select.

Row Selection.  A grid can either allow a single selection, multiple selection or no selection.  If the grid allows multiple selection, you can select multiple lines by using the Row Selector on the left side of the grid.  If you drag the mouse, it will select multiple lines and the background of each line will change color.  You can also select a line then hold down the SHIFT key to select another line.  Each line between these rows will be selected.  If you hold down the CTRL key while clicking rows, you can select rows that are not contiguous.

Delete.  Some grids will allow you to delete the item.  Press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete a row from the grid.



Some rows on grids will have some additional functionality associated with the item by right-clicking on the row and the selecting from the menu.

For example, at any time, while in the Navigation Panel, you can right-click to shortcut to your favorites. See Manage Favorites for more information.

Other places with right-clicking capabilities include:

Contract Center 

Contract Maintenance 

Customer Maintenance 



Tab Key.  To move from field to field, press the tab key.

Enter Key.  For each form, the Enter key will be mapped to a button on the form.  You will see the button will have some highlighting on it to indicate that this will be pressed if you hit the enter key,

Esc Key.  This will close any forms that are displayed on top of the screen.


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