Locating Tax Issues

This article describes where to look when you have an item that is not charging the correct tax


Check the Equipment/Inventory/Parts Maintenance

Load the appropriate Equipment, Inventory, or Parts Maintenance form.

If you are researching this from a contract, you can load the contract an then right-click the item and select Open from the drop down menu.  See Contract Detail – Items Tab for more information

Select the Rates/Taxes Tab and check the Taxes settings.  A checked item means that this item is subject to tax.


Check the Customer Maintenance

Load the Customer Maintenance form.

Select the Contract Settings Tab.  In the Taxes and Fees group, check the Tax Jurisdiction selection.  Some Tax Jurisdictions can be set up with a 0.00% rate.  Check the other tax settings.  A checked item means that this customer is subject to tax.


Check the Tax Jurisdiction

If you have not identified the problem, it may be that the Tax Jurisdiction for the customer is not correct.  If you are researching this from a contract, then check the ship to address on the contract.  This may relate to a saved ship to address on the customer.  To see any saved ship-to addresses:

Go to the Customer Maintenance

Select the Ship to Address

Check to see if one of the addresses listed here matches the ship to address on the contract.  If it does, note the Tax Jurisdiction for this ship to address.  If it does not, then this contract is using the default tax jurisdiction from the Contract Settings tab.

Go to the Tax Jurisdiction option from the Store Center – Setup group.  You will need to appropriate log in

Select the Tax Jurisdiction from the drop down box and check the rate that is being charged.


Check the default tax settings

Go to the Store Options from the Store Center – Set up group

From the left side, double-click the Store user.

Select the Taxing tab and review the default settings.


After locating and resolving the issue keep in mind that this will affect only any transactions that occur after your changes.  If you need to adjust any current or previous transactions you will need to re-edit any open contracts, reservations or quotes.  If this is already and Invoice, then you will need to create an Adjustment contract.

If you still cannot determine the cause of you tax issue, call Computer Ease Customer Support.


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