Batch Print

contract_128_hotThis function allows you to print a batch of contracts based upon search criteria. Some of the common reasons for using the function are:

Reprint continuous invoices

Reprint contracts of a specific type for a specified date range

Print a list of invoices for credit customers


Go to the Contract Center.

Select Batch Print from the Reports group.

Select the Date Range for when the contract was created. Default is today.

Select the Customer Range to filter customer numbers. Default is all customers.

Select a Contract and Form Type.  Use the check box in the grid to select the contract types. You can change the type of form that prints based on using the drop down on the Form Type. There is no default so you must make a selection here or nothing will print.

Select the Settled By. Default is All.

Press the Refresh button.

The contracts will appear on one of three panels for Print, Email, and Fax. To move a contract to a different grid, right-click on the row and select the Move To option.

Press the Publish button to Print, Email, and/or Fax the contracts.


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