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video_image_128_hot    Images can be added to Customer, Equipment, Inventory, and Parts items. Select an item from one of these Centers and double click on it. The system will re-direct you to the Maintenance page for that particular item. Once on the Maintenance page, the images tab is centrally located. An image can be something that is downloaded from the Internet or pictures that you have taken with a digital camera.  Images are stored in the database, so you may want to edit images with some image editing software such as Photoshop to reduce the size of the files.  This is particularly true when inserting high-resolution images from a camera where each image can be very large.

The concept of adding images is that they must first be placed in the image library. Once they are in the image library, you can select the image and attach it to the item.


Add Images to Library.  The image library form will load.  If there are images in the image library, they will show on the grid.  You can select a single image or select multiple images.  Press the Select button to attach the image.  Press the Browse to Add to Library button to add images to the library.

Manage Images.  The manage images form will load.  The top area will show any existing images that have been attached.  Press the Add button to add images to the library.  Select an image and press the Delete button to remove the image as an attachment to this item.  Pressing Delete will not delete the image from the library.

In the Attachment Details you can provide some additional information.

Name.  This is the name of the image and is used as a tool tip.

Description.  Provide any description.

Copies.  Does not apply.

Save Details.  Press this button to save these details.

If this is an Serial Equipment image, you will see a check box to indicate whether this image should be applied to just this unit or to all units with the same Common Name.

Press the Close button to return to the Maintenance form.

Set as Default.  Select an image and press this button to make this image the default image.


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