Adding Notes

notes_128_hot    A note can be added to any Customer, Equipment, Inventory, Parts, or Contract record.  The notes allow you to enter unlimited amount of text information that can be used to record any additional information you want.  A note can be made into an Alert, which will display on the screen anytime a user accesses this record.  For example, if you place an Alert message on a customer and someone enters into a contract with that customer, the Alert message will display.

The Notes function can be accessed from:

Actions- Notes


Select the Note icon notes_128_hotin the Header portion of the form.  The Notes and Alerts form will display.

Select Add Note to add a new note.  Select the Edit from one of the notes displayed to edit an existing note.

On the Notes Editor form

Subject.  Enter the subject or leave blank.

Related to.  Enter what this note is related to or leave blank.

This is an Alert.  Check to make this an Alert that will popup on the screen anytime this record is accessed.

Note applies only to specific item.  This check box will appear only on serial equipment items.  If this is checked, then this note will apply only to this specific unit.  If unchecked, the note will apply to all serial equipment items with the same Common Name.

Note area.  Enter the note.  The note will be spell checked and misspelled words will be highlighted.

Delete.  Press to delete this note.

Save.  Press to save this note.

Close.  Press to close the note without saving.

After you have saved the note, the note icon on the header of the form will change from disabled color to enabled color.


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