Adding Attachments

clip_128_hot    Attachments can be added to Customer, Equipment, Inventory, and Parts items. To create an attachment, first select an item from one of the Centers. Next, double-click on the item and you will be re-directed to a maintenance page. The attachment icon can be found on the header of the page.

An attachment is a PDF document that is downloaded from the internet or created in-house. Use an attachment for anything, like cleaning instructions, operations guides, additional documents that require signature or any other type of document that you want associated with the item it is attached to.

Attachments can be printed or emailed with the contract that the item is associated with.  For example, if you have cleaning instructions for an Equipment item and the Equipment item is on a contract to be printed or emailed, you can specify that the attachment is also printed at the same time.

The concept of adding attachments is that they must first be placed in the attachment library.  Once they are in the attachment library, you can select the attachment and attach it to the item.


Select the attachment icon clip_128_hot on the header of the maintenance form.

The top area will show any existing images that have been attached.  Press the Add button to select an image from the library.  See section below on Attachment Library.  Select an attachment from the top area and press the Delete button to remove the attachment from this item.  Pressing Delete will not delete the attachment from the library.

After selecting an attachment from the library or selecting an attachment from the top area of the Attachments form, you can edit the Attachment Details.

In the Attachment Details you can provide some additional information.

Name.  This is the name of the image and is used as a tool tip.

Description.  Provide any description.

Copies.  Enter the number of copies.  Enter zero to indicate that this attachment is internal only and will not print/email with contracts.

Save Details.  Press this button to save these details.


Attachment Library

Press Add from the Attachment form and the Attachment Library form will show.

View Full Size.  After selecting an attachment from the grid, this will show the attachment in the Adobe Reader.

Browse to Add to Library.  This will show the File Explorer and allow you to select a PDF document to add to the library.

To Delete an Attachment, select from the grid and press the Delete Key.

You can select a single row on the grid or multiple rows and press the Select button to add these attachments to the item.

If you double-click an attachment in the row you can edit the properties of this attachment.


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