Bank Information

bank_add_128_hotThe Bank Information function is used to record bank information that can later be used within the Payment History function when printing a deposit slip. 

The Bank Information function can be accessed from:

Customer Center-Receivables. 


Name. The bank’s Name.  If the name you enter is already in the system, you can select it from the drop-down box. If the bank does not currently exist within the system, select New at the bottom of the form to add a new bank.

Address. Bank address.

City. City in which the bank is located.

State. State in which the bank is located. Can be found using the drop-down box.

Zip. Bank zip code.

Account #. Bank account numberSelect Add Account # button and type in your number. This information is optional.

Phone #. Customer phone number. This information is optional.

Contact. Customer contact information. This information is optional.


Select Save when all bank information has been entered. Delete if you wish to erase all entered information. Cancel if you wish to exit Bank Information function.


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