Display Invoices

invoice_128_hotThe Display Invoices for Customers function is used to search for specific customer invoices.

The Display Invoices function can be accessed from:

Customer Center- Receivables


Search.  This is a search field that allows you to enter a phrase and have the system find the customer using the search form.  If what you type in returns a single result, then the customer record will be retrieved and you will not be presented with the search window.  For more information regarding search, see Search Settings.

Select whether you want to search for Open Invoices or History Invoices and any date specifications you wish to search for.

Once you have narrowed your search, a list of customer invoices will appear. Select your invoice from the list. If only one customer matched your specifications,the system will automatically match you with that customer.

After making your selection you are able to print your invoice by selecting the Print button at the footer of the form.


There are several options available in the Navigation bar.

New Contract. This allows you to create a new quote, reservation, contract or sale for this customer.

Preview. Select if you want to print preview statements.

Print. Select if you want to print statements.

Fax. Select if you want to fax statements.

Email (Statements). Select if you want to email statements.

Customer Summary. This allows you to view a summary of this customer’s activities.

Text Message. This allows you to text message the customer.

Email (Communicate). This allows you to email the customer.


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