Reverse Payment

check_128_hotWhen a payment was applied to the wrong account or is registered as an NSF (non-sufficient fund), the Reverse Payment function is used to resolve the conflict.

The Reverse Payment function can be accessed from:

Customer Center- Receivables


Number. Search by entering the customer number. For more information regarding search, see Search Settings.

Date Range. If you want to narrow your search further, you can specify a date range. From specifies the begging date in your range and To specifies the end date in your range.

You can select Find Check and enter in a specific check number. This option is an alternative to entering a customer number.

Once your list is displayed, select the payments you wish to reverse by checking the corresponding boxes under the Include? option on the left-hand side of the grid.

Hit the Create button on the footer of the page when you are finished.


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