Write Off Bad Debt

collection-account_128_hotThe Bad Debt Write Off function is used when you wish to wipe a certain invoice and absolve consumer debt.

The Bad Debt Write Off function can be accessed from:

Customer Center- Receivables


Before.  The default is the current date. If you are searching for an earlier date, specify using the drop-down box or by typing in the “before” date you wish to search.

Less Than. The default number is 0.00. If you are searching for another credit amount to filter by, specify by entering that number. Be sure to enter the number you are searching as a positive.

If you wish to select a specific range of customer numbers to filter through, type the earliest customer number in the From box and the latest number in the Thru box. These specifications are optional information.

Once you have entered all your specifications, select the Refresh button at the footer of the page and you will see a complete list of invoices meeting your criteria. Select invoices by checking the Include? boxes on the left side of the grid.

Once you have selected your invoice(s) Save your information. You can Cancel at any point if you wish to do so. When saving or cancelling, a confirmation dialog box will appear to confirm your decision.


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