Payment Processing

payment_128_hotThe Payment Processing function is used to apply payments and credits to customer accounts to which you have sent an invoice.

The Payment Processing function can be accessed from:

Customer Center- Receivables


GL Period. The general ledger period under which your transactions are posted. The GL Period may or may not be relevant based on the level of financial integration you have.

Unapplied Credit. The highlighted section under Balance Due. To apply credit/remove unapplied credit, click on Select Unapplied Credits/Payments under the Miscellaneous tab on the left-hand sidebar. Select which payments to apply by checking the corresponding boxes under the Apply? box in the grid. Then select OK.

Customer. Search by entering the customer number. For more information regarding search, see Search Settings.

Terms. Display only function. Applicable if terms are specified that a certain percentage (%) will be taken off an invoice if paid during a certain number of Days. Adjust terms in Customer Maintenance. 

Payment Date. Select a payment date using the drop-box or by typing a date into the box.

Type. Select the payment type.

Payment Amount. Enter in a payment number. If the system finds an invoice with the exact amount you selected, it will automatically go to that invoice. If the amount you selected does not directly match an invoice, the system will provide you with a list of invoices matching your criteria.

Once a list of invoices matching your criteria has been provided, select which you wish to mark as paid. Check the corresponding boxes under the Paid? option on the left-hand side of the grid. Hit the Save button when you have made all your selections.


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