Invoice Adjustments

invoice_back_128_hotThe Invoice Adjustments function is used to create Credit/Debit memo adjustments to invoices.

The Invoice Adjustments function can be accessed from:

Customer Center- Receivables


Search.  This is a search field that allows you to enter a phrase and have the system find the customer using the search form.  If what you type in returns a single result, then the customer record will be retrieved and you will not be presented with the search window.  For more information regarding search, see Search Settings.

Customer Specifications. Displays any existing customer specifications on the customer you searched.

Notes. Displays any existing notes on the customer you searched. Allows you to Add Notes and/or Print the existing notes.

You can either search using a specific Invoice # or Select Invoice by looking through a drop-down list. The paid invoices are marked with a checked box, while the unpaid invoices are left unchecked. Enter an invoice number that matches a customer number to give a credit on account or debit on account.

Check the box under ‘Credit’ on the left-hand side of the grid if applicable. You can enter a ‘Description’ into the grid if you wish to do so. ‘GL Account #’ is dependent upon your specific financial interface.

Save you information when complete.


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