Customer Sales

group_128_hotThe Customer Sales function is used to provide you with a list of specified customer sales for you to print.

The Customer sales function can be accessed from:

Customer Center- Reports


Dates. You can select a Range of dates to search for using the Range drop-down box or by entering the earliest date you want to search through in the From box and the latest date you want to search through in the To box. You can use the drop-down box for the From and To boxes as well.

Options. Select “All Stores” if you want to search for customer sales in all stores.

Refresh. Select Refresh when you are finished making your specifications. A list of customer sales meeting your criteria will be provided.

Publish. Select Preview if you wish to view your Customer Sales list as it would appear if printed. Select Print if you wish to print a copy of your Customer sales list. Select Excel if you wish to open your list in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


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