Detail Tax Report

collection-account_128_hot  This report is designed to provide information about taxes collection over a specified time period used in the preparation of tax information for government agencies.

The Detail Tax Report is accessed from

Actions – Reports


Use Date.  Select Posted date to use the date when the transaction was posted (recommended in most cases).  Use Return to use the return dates on the contract.

Date Range.  Provide the date range for the period covered.  Default is Last Month.

Sort By.  Select the initial sort field.  You can resort the list on the grid.

Select Jurisdictions.  Select the tax jurisdictions to report on.  Default is all.

When the criteria has been entered, press the Refresh button.


The report will return with the following tabs:


Provides a list of all contracts that qualified based upon the criteria entered.

Each of the contracts listed can be expanded to view detailed information.

You can also Right-Click on a contract and perform the following functions

View.  Will send you to the Contract Maintenance screen with this contract information loaded.

Preview.  Will show a Preview of the contract as it would look when printed

Print.  Print the contract

Email.  Email the contract

Change Tax Jurisdiction.  Allows you to change the tax jurisdiction for this contract in case the tax jurisdiction was not correct when originally entered.   You will need to Refresh the report after making any changes.


Provides a list of Adjustment Contracts.  Adjustment Contracts are contracts that reference another contract and make modifications to it.  See Editing Contracts.

The contracts listed also appear on the List tab.


The report will always recalculate taxes on all contracts and will list any contracts where the collected amount on the contract does not match the re-calculated amount.  These contracts may need to be investigated further and a determination of what to report to tax authorities will need to be made.

If there are no discrepancies, this tab will not appear.  Any contracts listed here are also on the List tab.


This tab is further divided into three sections

Jurisdictions.  Shows the amount of tax collected by Tax Jurisdiction.  This is main report to use for reporting to tax agencies.

Reporting Codes.  If you are using reporting codes, this will break the report by reporting code

Taxable $. Shows a daily summary of taxes collection


Understanding the Report

The main feature of this report is the summary of taxes that is provided.  Below is a description of each element of the summary

Type.  Type of tax.  The report will create a row for each type of tax that you have created for this tax jurisdiction.  In some cases all of the taxes may appear as Nontaxable.  That would be the case if all of the items on the contract were not subject to this tax.  The most common types of tax are Sales tax and Use tax.

Collected.  This is the amount collected as recorded on the original contract from history.

Calculated.  This is the amount recalculated.  If the amounts do not match, then the contract will appear on the Discrepancies tab.

Taxable $.  This is the amount on the contract that is subject to tax.

Nontaxable $.  This is the amount on the contract that is not subject to tax.  For example, if Labor is not taxable, then any Labor dollars collected on the contract will be summarized here.

Total $.  Total of Taxable and Nontaxable amounts.

Tax %.  Rate of tax.


Footer Buttons

Refresh.  Causes the report to re-run

Cancel.  Clear all data from the report

Print.  Allows you to print the report.  Select the items that you want on the report and Press OK.


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