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black-folder_add_128_hotThe Wait List Entry function allows you to put a customer on a wait list for an item. This function is used when the item the customer wants is currently unavailable. By entering the customer’s information into the Wait List Entry, the system will alert you when the item is returned so that you can contact the customer. To see more about what happens after the wait list entry, see Wait List Alerts.

The Wait List Entry function can be accessed from:

Contract Center- Other


Common Name. Enter the name of the item.

Customer #. This is a search field that allows you to enter a phrase and have the system find the customer using the search form.  If what you type in returns a single result, then the customer record will be retrieved and you will not be presented with the search window.  For more information regarding search, see Search Settings.

Comment. Type any comments. This field is optional.

Date. Type or select from the drop-down box the date the customer is being added to the wait list. There can be multiply customers on the wait list for the same item. The customer that has been on the list the longest, will receive the item first.

Select OK when you are finished entering your information.


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